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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 9, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PST

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there. the preevent includes autographs, food trucks, and there also be a fun zone and jack london square. follow to from a pair of national primetime addresses were republicans and democrats go from here on the 19th day of the government shutdown. what to expect later today and when a new system will move into the bay area. the top attack accompanies are in las vegas for day two of the consumer electronics show. we will show you how google wants to make sure that you don't mix mr. next flight. it is describing me now my wonderful coworkers who are always slow that so close together in the ring. i forgot my raincoat often.
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it will be a rainy week. we will have had trouble because of the weather and steve said it is going to be rainy. you ever get caught in the rain? like i dread getting caught in the rental when it happens, i think i am already wet. who cares what i look like and feels good to be a part of nature. >> i was on my roof at 4. i could hear my tarp flapping. i heard the skylight and if anyone knows, i figured it would be done by now. but is coming up on two months. >> 4 a.m.? i had to get the tarp down. the wind was so strong it was whipping. >> you are uppity north bay? like i was shaking my head thinking, saying this is life. it was windy with several bay area neighborhoods the had to start of the cleanup process ll as rain. he damage from the east taylor cars and brought a lot of
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pg&e came to deenergize it for people will be without power told the trees removed and repairs are made. another tree came down at southwest hills on byrd lane. you can see the tree fell on top of a camper and minivan parked under a canopy. no reports of injuries. let's talk about the rain and wind in the bay area and beginning to ramp up.>> just stepped outside and it is raining. it is coming down. there will be areas where it is brief and heavy but we have an often on day of scattered showers. mostly cloudy and a little cool. he said good morning. over an inch and a quarter over the last 24 hours of the 1 degrees and it is still coming down with off and on downpours. there has been pretty hefty tunnels. all the way up into lake county and that is the kind of key were there were two different forecast. one to the north and one to the south. lake sonoma, cobb mountain m ontario. to a third into the ring.
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cloverdale, lakeport, occidental in santa rosa 9/10 two over an inch and a half. redwood estates, santa cruz mountains anthony bell. some locations did not pick up much including san francisco and san jose has pick it up a couple what hundreds. st. clair 15. santa cruz at 19. danville as well. pulled her creek had three quarters. fielder had two thirds and about over half an inch of rain. there is pretty good activity into the solano county american county and vallejo. and down towards the santa cruz, held up and story with a light steady rain and we are not done yet. there is a lot more on the way. northbound 101 is still closed and seeing backups after a deadly crash happened at about 3:45. police say man driving a box truck apparently fell asleep at the wheel, hit the guardrail it is truck flipped over blocking
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the truck has been removed but it has look like most lanes are closed in the area as crews repair the damage. police have not released he tells about this yet. ohka please giving us an update on hit-and-run that left a 14 boy seriously hurt. it happened last wednesday not the fruitvale party station. police say the boy was riding his bike when he was hit by a gold honda and pulled out of the car. and footage taken by bystanders. we see a man and a white tank top. witnesses that he was the driver with which to places with the woman in the passenger seat after the crash. we expected to the latest on the investigation at noon and will have it in the newscast. congressional democrats go to the white house to propose reopening the government without funding the president the part of all. as aly raisman explained it is not clear whether the president will support the idea even though the government shutdown has dragged on for nearly 3
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weeks. it appears republican support for the prolonged shutdown will be slowly eroding. the associated press reports have dozen gop senators have said they supported the idea of passing a bill to fund the government and ended each other while they continue to deba the merits of a portable. a short time ago a handful of her load government workers and union representatives alongside nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to criticize the shutdown and president insistence on the steel wall along the us-mexico border. >> why should we ask food safety inspectors to go without their heartburn pay while they ensure that the food we eat is safe.>> this all comes at last night, president trump tried to convince the american public that the idea of a portable was the best solution to the nation's immigration problem.>> all-americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. this is a humanitarian crisis. crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul.
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>> the bottom wall was one of the president highest profile campaign promises and the polls show his conservative base supported the idea spending nearly $6 billion to do it pretty general public is less supportive especially the specific amount of money for the government shutdown is now the 19th day. the longest shutdown and history was 21 days. that is nearly 25 years ago during president clinton's time at the mid-90s. alive in the newsroom, allie rasmussen ktvu fox 2 news. on the 19th day of the government shutdown, any federal workers are worried about how to keep a roof over the heads. according to a report by zillow unpaid federal workers are around ordered $38 million in mortgage and rent and that is in payment this month alone. analysts suggest a shutout have other ripple effects in the housing industry beyond miss payments. it can slow down the overall housing market. es workers made a suggestion for infected workers to negotiate
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with landlords and mortgage companies until they receive a paycheck. that was met with heavy criticism. senator bernie sanders responded to the accusing present about making several false statements during the primetime address. >> sadly, the fear and hatred in our country. instead of trying to bring us together as a people, he is trying to divide us up. and the process, to divert our attention away from the real crises facing the working families of the nation. >> senator sanders says the president is deflecting the country's attention away from real issues citing poverty, healthcare, and climate change as top problems facing the nation. let's talk the residence address an ongoing shutdown by welcoming university of san francisco james taylor back to the 9. a short scripted address
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last night. didn't tell us anything new. >> that was reiterate what we n to expectin wynot. >> i would not be surprised when he did it tomorrow. >> when he is at the border. >> as he realizes he did not he i think he wanted a popular reaction where people got behind it. i was telling gasia that there two speeches come to mind detector speech for richard nixon at the 1979 malaise speech with jimmy carter. nixon was in a situation where he basically won the senate they wanted to keep in campaign mode. they gave him a fonda. $125,000 a year and create a controversy with a random journalist that said what are you doing with the money. nixon had to give a speech. the speech was perceived as a bad speech that went good. richard nixon gave the speech
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and reviews were horrible and at the end of the day saved his career the state on the ticket with ike eisenhower and was able to run. detector speech work order says we have a crisis of confidence and it became known as the malaise speech. started out as a t speech. the reviews are positive as a day trickled on a went down. >> noticed last night's speech he did not bring up the wall until the end. spec that is the surprising part. this is the linchpin of the entire argument and debate. the wall. it as i said recently, even chuck schumer said yesterday, symbol is the statue of liberty calling bring me your poured, you're tired, your huddled masses compared to a blank wall. >> the shutdown has gone on for three weeks into other administrations have felt pressure but the trump administration is different. does he feel political pressure? >> i think he has to pick the
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red states are more dependent than the blue states for at the a soul question of how tax dollars would upset blue states. and it was like a trump does not care if he hurts the blue states. this is hurting red states more than blue states outside of urban areas. the policies. food, jobs, employment, and in terms of people's bills. the president is hurting his own people and that is where the fallout is coming. his own people are being devastated. suck what about that the democratic response. they did not look comfortable. they were distracted from the message. one podium with two people. spot people are talking about how she looked and i did not get the freshness of what issue is trying to convey. but i think they came off better than donald trump in the long run. a thank you solution to the stalemate is at the republican leadership will have to step up and find a way for donald trump
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to save face. when you give eyewall we give you daca. some type of resolution it is like to parents that are divorced and the children are watching. parents are to stubborn to listen. like i think donald trump will stand at the border index like his measuring and. he has done this already and nothing came out of it. >> he will focus on this and not the people. >> that is the issue. the wall itself is a symbol of america's attitude towards outsiders and we continue to confuse asylum with immigration. i don't know why we have more people clarifying asylum is not relating. >> i my home country. >> i'm in trouble i need mercy. we are collapsing it into immigration which is a different issue. i think we need to understand that the country has always been a beacthe hill. that is why people wanted to come here and donald trump is
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saying eyewall will meet you. >> there's a private gofundme page set up. has collected $90 million private donations. coming up, it is day 2 the consumer electronics show. why today will be all about something you cannot see. google unveiling several new items. if you are looking to make a career change may want to make it less. the most dangerous jobs in america, when we return.
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another good day for wall street's. the indexes are up including the dow jones industrial up 141 points or half a percent. nasdaq and s&p are up at it looks like some of the anlks ar expected. tesla elon musk as in china
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to kickoff into billion-dollar gigafactory in shanghai. he met with the china premier saying he is incredibly excited to break ground on the effective. the chinese premier said he the the chinese us relations. he visited the china comes as three days between talks between us and chinese traded negotiators wrapping up and beijing. any was resolution to find a new job there are a few occupations you may want to avoid. the bureau of labor statistics released in the numbers a detailed most dangerous jobs in america. first as anyone who works in the fishing industry. commercial fishing is largely physical work involving fishing us, gear and is lipper index. workers can be exposed to challenging environmental factors. also at the top of the list, logging workers, aircraft pilots and flight engineers as well as reverse. do not climb on ch.
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to check the skylight. >> protecting the family from water seeping into the house. number 18, police and offic officers are legally required to work in high-risk situations. there were 95 federal injuries in 2016. firefighters had the 24th most dangerous job flames and smoke are common most fatal accident happened during transportation incidents. athletes, coaches, and other work and professional sports. zero square professional athletes in most major sports ranges from 3 to 6 years. usually careers, to an end due to injuries and a heavy toll that supports the take anybody. nancy pelosi promising to tackle an issue. democrats do not address it with a were in control of the house 10 years ago. that is adopting gun control legislation. lawmakers joined nancy pelosi at a news conference yesterday as well as the former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords. in introducing the measure they also marked eight years since the giffords was shot in the head and critically injured at a farm with constituents in tucson, arizona. six people were killed
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including a young girl.>> we say enough is enough. i finally bring comments fence bipartisan back on track legislation to the house. >> stopping gun violence takes courage. the courage to dois right. >> congressman mike thompson one of the sponsored of the bill extending existing background textiles all gun sales i transfers encoding internet sales, gun shows and person-to-person transactions. prosecutor hoping to launch a new investigation into sexual abuse allegations against singer r. kelly.>> this isn't one of those situations where it is just a forensics. we need to actual witnesses and victims to have the courage to tell their stories. >> the announcement is in response to a six part television that featured woman accused of r. kelly of sexual the attorney says the
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prosecutor is acting like a late-night personal injury lawyer. soliciting alleged victims. vist rose mcgowan impeding a contest to a misdemeanor drug charge in virginia out of the plea deal jail time. fine but avoided she faced up tobehind bars after cocaine was found in a wallet she left on a pain played in 2017. cpvc accused harvey weinstein and framing her but her attorney says she is accepting the agreement to spare her family and in support of the emotional strain of the criminal trial. the fourth annual muni art project kicking off in san francisco. start at 11 am on the steps outside of city hall. the product features work by people from seven cisco whose poems and art will be presented on 100 buses from now until april. the sfm ta is collaborating with a nonprofit arts organization. seven cisco beautiful to completed the project.
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it expanded new pilot plan to discourage illegal dumping on city streets. the city public works department is presently setting west oakland neighborhoods. block by block to pick up litter. death respond to garbage complaints from neighbors according to the chronicle thousands of pounds of debris has been picked up the city plans to extend the program into any neighborhood of the city in the coming weeks. coming up, demanding answers after a woman gives birth despite being in a coma for 10 years. to get her say they will determine who the father is. behind the scenes of the masked sing singer. a costume designer shares her secrets.
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we have to look at this new video. this man in houston texas the side of the freeway. mitchell chapman undecided the busy freeway sunday afternoon and his tire started rolling down the interstate look at it this.
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he is chasing the tire. he is not bothered by the traffic and eventually got his tire back. he is oblivious to the fact that he should be seriously hurt. flat tires are expensive. >> i would let ago. by the qualifying line is that obviously you should not chase anything on the highway. investigators are testing dna from all male employees at a long-term care facility in phoenix after a woman who has been in a coma for years gave birth to a boy. at the facility hacienda healthcare is cooperating with police to cover the facts in this deeply disturbing situation. the woman gave birth to 7/29 after being in a coma since she most around more than 10 years ago. the woman's parents say they're outraged at the neglect of their daughter into that at the baby boy has been born into a loving family and will be well cared for. and sacrament, a man dressed as a giant shopping
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receipt and stole the show in an effort to reduce the use of paper receipts california. the proposal would require all businesses to offer electronic receipts unless customers specifically ask for a paper copy.>> most of us, what do we do with this paper when we get home, or get that done? a ghost into the waste bin or recycling bin. why have something that is some totally unnecessary and the bad for the environment. >> seven cisco lawmakers cited a study from the environmental group, green america claiming as many as 10 million trees are cut down to create receipts in the us each year. a popular south bay restaurant is closed for good. >> it is really sad that they are leaving. slot people lined up yestfood t for mo40 years. the owner says the building is
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in disrepair. he said he lost his leaf lease after the property owner decided to tear down the building and have the site redeveloped. >> i appear and this is my wife and we are coming here for one last time to check in and say goodbye. it almost feels like a funeral. like we are sad to leave. >> about 60 people work at the restaurant. the owner said he is trying to move them into the other harry's locations in redwood city. google making headlines at the consumer electronic show las vegas. the search giant enough several features for the google assistant. one includes an option to let people check in for a flight. we will run through all of the baggage check in took any questions. at the end you'll have a boarding pass. another new feature will automatically translate 27 different languages. and translate conversations real-time with the text on the screen. today's the second day of ces and 5g wireless technology
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takes center stage. visitors see how fast 5g internet signals are. reporter brett larson is in vegas with the story. troubled hundred 80,000 people from the halls of the consumer electronics show in 2019. 2.9 million square feet of exhibit space and some 44,000 exhibitors are here. a couple of trans we are seeing. artificial intelligence is huge and you may actually already be using it. artificial intelligence is and things like your alexa smart device and google home. those things are finding their way into all sorts of devices in our homes. take about kitchen faucets. bathroom mirrors. devices you put in your home for safety. smoke detectors. they are starting to be interconnected and that is the other big trent we are seeing. the consumer electronics show. something we are not seeiand in
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fast broadband speed. when we talk about fast browsing, you're talking about the speed that people are used to getting in their homes with 150 up to 1 gb speeds. that will be a game changer because it will allow broadband places in the country that do not have access to broadband. that fast connection will allow all devices in our homes talking to one another and though they will not be talking about us, they will collect a lot of data which will make the artificial intelligence even better. there is so much to see at the consumer electronics show. one person cannot see it all. in las vegas, brett larson, a fox news. the government shutdown is affecting from coast to coast. we will show you the ripple effect it is having on the travel industry. the man who oversaw the mueller probe is leaving the justice department. details are coming up at 9:30.
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welcome back. taking a live lookout san francisco bay the transamerica pyramid shining. cloud cover makes scattered lighting. you're taking pictures outside, trust me. it is all about good lighting. it is actually very good lighting. not the best dog walking whether or mountain bike riding weather but we can still get out and do those things. you probably know this. it is a little sticky to be mountain bike riding. >> you would know that. >> your husband would know that. it is a little tough but we have a wet pattern that will continue. mostly cloudy with more of a light steady rain into the south. more scattered showers and possible thundershowers to the north. it is really lighting up from napa county, calistoga of two anglin. even in the lake county well with one or 2+ engine mounts.
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also in mendocino county and you can see san rafael in 101 still sells going through. it is a little different ball game towards it he suffered forming the santa cruz mountains. that is associated with a different system with more of a steady rain this low. the other lostant and cold air to the north. there are two systems. one with a lot of cloud cover and more of a steady rain to the south. you can get isolated nditions owers at to the north. to continue. a mostly cloudy day for just about everybody. we get a break on thursday at the nexus of coming across friday night into saturday and there is another one sunday, monday and lingering into tuesday. the pattern is looking active and wet going all the way to the middle of next week if things keep marching in. 50s and 60s with scattered showers and possible isolated thundershowers temperatures cool the pattern is favorable for us going forward.
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news this morning, northbound 101 sing backups after a deadly crash in the south bay that happened very early this morning. only one lane is opened and mckee road expert. crews repairing the damage left behind. melissa harrington was there all morning line telling us what led to the crash. two men inside of the box truck. long-haul truckers traveling all morning long from the los angeles area and the exit was only a few miles down the road for the great america parkway, they did not make it because of the driver fell asleep. i have sergeant in ohio with the california highway patrol. what can you tell us but the crash. tell us how this happened. spoke about 3:45, this truck was traveling northbound 101 north of mickey road in san jose. the driver related he fell asleep. we do see the evidence on the scene the driver of the truck left the roadway went up an embankment and overturned
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struck the guardrail and came to rest. unfortunately, during the time the passenger was asleep in the back of the cabin sustained fatal injuries as a result of a sliding down at the roadway. the driver sustained major injuries and was taken to a local hospital. we know they were a 67-year-old male driver was a 64-year-old. they were traveling into san jose. >> it is really important for people to realize that the driving fatigued is almost the same as driving impaired with alcohol or drugs. when we pull over a sleepy driver they looked exactly the same as a dui driver. it is actually dangerous and there is nothing you can do. energy drinks. nothing will keep you awake. the best medicine if you are driving fatigued is to pull over and take a nap because that is the only way to stop yourself from being in a bad
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situation. select the name on the side of such the truck a security injury industry is much less. both of these men from the orange county area and their names have not been released. chp has been diverting traffic to the left lane through the money. in san jose, alyssa harrington ktvu fox 2 news. former on some of the other headlines, let that go to dave clark. here are some of the top stories. we get about 30 minutes from right now we expected to get new details about the deadly shooting on a bart train and west oakland three years ago today. berkeley police will give us the latest on the killing 19- year-old carlos nunez romero killed on a bart train arriving at the west oakland bart station. police say he and the suspect had some type of confrontation on a bus earlier that same day. surveillance photos of the suspect were distributed after the shooting no arrests were made. the coming weeks, rod rosenstein a, the deputy attorney general is expected to lead the justice department
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once a new attorney general is confirmed. speculation group about rosenstein's departure to the former attorney general jeff sessions left and in november. rosenstein has been overseeing the investigation the special counsel robert mueller into russia's alleged meddling with the 2016 presidential election. president trump meeting today with house and senate leaders about partial government shutdown and his demand for balance of dollars to build a portable. today, is a 19 of the government shutdown. today's meeting follows that the president the nationally televised speech presenting his case of her building the border wall. he called it his security and democrats and as many as half a dozen republican senators said the government should reopen while negotiations continue. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. joshua tree national park
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in california will be temporarily closed starting tomorrow as a result of the government shutdown. park rangers say some visitors have taken advantage of the limited staffing to drive off- road which has destroyed some of the parks signature trees. joshua tree remained open despite the government shutdown is parks porters pitched in to help cleaning restrooms and removing trash. officials plan to reopen joshua tree the coming days would not give a specific time frame. the shutdown is having a ripple effect throughout american businesses include those in the travel industry. steve rappaport is more on the impact of the shutdown. spec it is frustrating. i feel like we do this every year. 12 the government shutdown dragging on with no end in sight. most national parks, museum and other government institutions shot for the time being and that is having a big impact utd >> people are coming from
9:36 am
alabama to see nothing. >> the was travel association says the shutdown of causing them more than 150 miles a day $100 a day. some have maintained a itineraries with must-have reporting meter cancellations.>> they are slowed in both parts of the industry. the parks are still open but certain portions or parts of the parks are closed down. >> many who decided to go ahead with their vacation plans are being forced to make big changes because of the shutdown seeking out nongovernment services and lodging sometimes at higher prices. >> they are independent of the government shutdown had to choose that because of the homepages and fonts the people that were available. flexible experts es to continue government reopens. >> if this goes on past a month and a half or two months, i think you will see effects and the severity of the effects
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could continue as the goes on. >> steve rappaport reported. the hotel industry big losses with more than $1 million every day. the government remains shutdown. police and beaumont investigating the deadly shooting of a 17-year-old boy. the body of mohammed was found late monday night on the campus of central elementary school. he was a senior at carmichael high school in belmont where he was on diversity football team. investigators say they believe he was specifically targeted. >> this does not appear to be a random incident. that the victim and any potential suspects are known or associated to each other and the school is no involvement with this whatsoever. select the shooting happened hours before the elementary school students returned from their winter break. police searched the campus and decided it was a classes resume as scheduled. down to the east bay were
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the oakland school district working to close a huge budget shortfall is the student population continues to drop. the district looking at possibly closing as many as 24 schools in the next five years. this according to the east bay times. it is almost one third of all of the current school district officials say there are currently 37,000 students in all usd. they say the only part of oakland that may not see cuts would be the clairemont and rockridge neighborhoods. in nurses october cisco general hospital accusing the him after he called for dropping the name of mark zuckerberg. according to the chronicle, dinners filed complaints with the state and federal labor boards yesterday. the hospital was renamed in 2013 after mark zuckerberg and his wife hospital foundation. the nurse with protecting user privacy. the complaint to the nurse said his supervisors have retaliated
9:39 am
against him by denying him transfers and promotions. asking for the public help to find her front bulldog puppy snatched from her arms by man responding to an online ad to buy the dog. lisa richard said she normally sells her dogs to france. this was the first time dealing with a stranger. they said they two texted and spoke several times and agreed to meet at the petsmart. when he's she shut off the dog the man took the and and jumped into a blue mustang and drove off. >> i want to think he was stolen because he wanted him so bad. that he will love him. but my heart sinks a different.>> she filed a police report and she is trying to get the petsmart to share their surveillance video of the incident. the oakland days event get a chance to meet with the new team. you can't trust will be held saturday, jenera 26 at jack clements where running from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. is good to attend
9:40 am
baseman, shortstop along with the manager. the retired stars will be there also. this also includes autographs, food trucks and a fun zone. craig thompson making an attempt to become and also i the season. >> he doesn't want to play it. that >> that opens up the noise. >> all of the places thompson scored a season-high 43 points as the warriors be to the next 122-95. steph curry had first double double of the season 14 points. 14 assess. draymond green chipped in with a double double 11 and 10 assists. the wires plague on friday against the chicago bulls. the wait is almost over for the
9:41 am
warriors and warrior fans. the team is eyeing the january 18 game against the clippers with the debut of the center demarcus cousins. a four-time all-star member of the gold-medal usa team for the 2016 olympics. he has been out since rupturing his right left achilles tendon ergo hoping to get him back in the middle of the pain and to make a statement and push towards its plans. >> i cannot wait. they need a big man like that. coming up in a moment, playing politics with the california wildfire. what trump has to say about cutting off of federal assistance of for our state. and hit show. we will take you behind the scenes on "the masked singer". the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future?
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please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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san francisco will hold the grand opening for a new navigation center 12 the homeless. the center on bryant street has 84 but including 20 reserved for women. the four other centers in the city, this one is designed to help people and more from the housing and is a drug rehabilitation program. mayor london has promised to create 1000 shelter beds by next year. the action brings current total to about 200 new beds since she took office. the merrill beauty dedication ceremony at 11:30 this morning. the city of oakland says the program launched last year to prevent homelessness is working. city leaders say keep open oakland house program take legal and mental health to 4073 households in danger of eviction. the city says the program allowed the families and individuals to keep their homes, get an extension before moving out, or gave the money to secure new housing. a family of four and oakland is eligible for the program at the household income is $50,000 or
9:45 am
less. president trump and california leaders are feeding on social media about the california wildfires. the president first threatened on twitter that he would pull wildfire money for california if the state continues the forest management policies. senator harris responded by saying that all sites needed to work together to combat climate change rather than play politics with people's lives. just a short time ago governor gavin newsom treated the disasters and recovery process are no time for politics. he said the victims butte county fire should not be victims of partisan victory. wi include the wildfire funding. he also wants to spend $305 million to install infrared cameras, by more fire engines and add more resources for clearing out dead trees and brush the forest. previously said the prices criticism of the state of force management is misguided. 60% of the for slant california
9:46 am
is under federal supervision. three of the transacting executives could read. patrick cogan is the senior vice president of electric operations. according to the chronicle he is retiring january 28. two other vps are also retiring. kevin tasso and greg lunch. student at paradise high school back in the classroom. two months after the camp fire destroyed her town. yesterday was the first day of the new semester and the high school has been relocated miles away from paradise. a big building near the chico airp students received paradise strong bracelets as they made their way to class. the building once occupied by facebook as desks, books and computers. the partitions divide the building into separate classrooms have not arrived.>> the partitions are somewhere between las vegas and here.
9:47 am
they should have been here last week but we know how that goes. >> almost all of the 600 students attending class the building had their homes destroyed and the camp fire. according to a report several major cell phone companies are selling your location information. the tech website motherboard says at&t, t-mobile and sprint are among the companies selling the customers location data. the website says that car salesman, property managers, bail bondsman and bounty hunters are among the groups buying the information. the report has prompted calls for the federal communications commission to take action and prohibited the companies from selling the data. their concerns that could be used by stalkers or criminals. the apple ceo tim cook received a big pay raise according to a security filing the total compensation was up 22% to $50.7 million. increase was driven by a $12 million cash bonus that hinged on apple exceeding the 2018
9:48 am
financial target set by the apple board of directors. it wasn't the second straight year cook received a pay increase. we are heading into the peak of flu season. santa clara county saw the season first related death of someone younger than 65. the victim was 39-year-old with underlying health issues puts the percent risk a little higher than most normal people. sulfate motorcycle club is mourning the death of one of its members. vince harris was visiting his family in arizona when he was hospitalized last weekend. the complications developed into pneumonia and he died hours later. >> surprised and shocked. i fully expected to see him on saturday and go on the ride with him. >> can affect anyone of all ages. it is important 16 months and older to get the flu vaccine.'s what doctors say it is not to late to get a flu shot.
9:49 am
the cdc estimates there 80,000 flu related death the 2017 and 2018 flu season. 80% of them were not vaccinated. a recent study reveals the three stages in life when you're most likely to feel lonely. according to researchers at the uc san diego school of medicine people feel the most lonely in their late 20s, mid-fifties, and the late 80s. the study says pages are usually associated with big milestones the major life choices such as a starting a career, having a midlife crisis, being in declining health. hot off the premier week another performer will be revealed on the new box series and the mask singer. >> ashley dvorkin goes behind the disguises to find a how it grammy winners, i may winners and hall of flame.'s truck 9 mm tuned in to watch the mask singer. the singing competition has audiences and a celebrity panel solve the mystery of who is behind the microphone.
9:50 am
episode 2 is said to get even more elaborate with undercover singers dubbed, rabbits, alien, raven, pineapple, poodle and v. the custom concept to the at will performance experience. like it was very dashing for someone in a straitjacket. >> sometimes the performance is easy guy in a monster costume. you see him with a so many sam crying. inspect the fun part is trying to figure out who it is. that is where he takes it to the next level. >> takes a lot of work looks together. >> aunt incident 20 or 25 people have this. selecting one thing that we have to address on stage is disability. we have to make sure that we have the crowd a free and how to prevent it. >> the panel says there is a
9:51 am
big reason famous singers would want to do this kind of a show. >> some of these people arshow different and tied behind the mask so they can be seen for performing and vocals not the judge other previous accomplishments. >> find around 2 of the mask singer wednesday night on fox. in hollywood, ashley dvorkin, fox news. coming up next, a lesson learned about the buying lotto tickets. a man and that, learned you may want to stay quiet if you strike it rich. gasia, was matthew scoggin subject? >> i don't want to answer. >> how the controversial decision in san francisco is reportedly helping students.
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this is one of the coolest things that i have ever seen. these musicians are performing at a nice festival in northern italy. the venue is a theater made into an eagle. all instruments are made of ice. we could keep going. audiences arrive on a ski lift. some folks trying to keep warm. >> we have all had little tips with her roommates. discussing the topic remains a fight over winning lottery ticket added one. a man told police he bought a scratch off ticket december 20 in vacaville. he thought it was worth $10,000
9:55 am
and shared the news with his roommate. when he went to the lottery office in sacramento to collect the money was told the ticket had been altered and was worthless. >> he said, i want. i thought. >> vacaville police into texas and california lottery investigators determined one of the man's roommates had purchased a similar ticket, altered it and prompted with a winning ticket. the 35 government was arrested stolen tickets. and his actually turned out to be worth a 10 monday dollars per command was booked into the solano county jail on suspicion of grand theft. struct los angeles school district is meeting with the teachers union in hopes of avoiding a strike planned for tomorrow morning practice would be the first timejob. the district is a strong's classes will go on as a schedule. substitute teachers administrators will be reassigned to teach at the
9:56 am
600,000 students. the teachers union is demanding higher salaries and smaller class sizes. the district says that the demands could bankrupt the school system. struck administrators at several central to fight at school district said the decision to delay teaching algebra is proving a successful. the district decided four years ago in a controversial move to start teaching algebra in high school and set of middle school and the chronicle reports more advanced high school math classes like statistics and calculus have a 10% increase in enrollment this year. some parents are opposed to the new curriculum. is saying it forces students who are ready for harder math classes to weight. a heartwarming order from s they just released this picture of j lloyd and the newborn baby helped deliver money. it happened when an suv behind the patrol car when he was finishing a traffic stop. a pregnant woman jumped out of the passengers seat told police he was going into labor. he called for backup.
9:57 am
the baby was born a few minutes later. mom and baby girl were taken to the hospital and both are doing well.>> officer lloyd is the man to have around. i had nightmares of that happening. thank you for joining us. it will be rainy through the day. we will help you through that tomorrow at 4 a.m. coming up, more news of the day as well. have a safe one. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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